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Meet Anders

Coach, Seeker, Dad

Anders Holten Lützhøft is a Relationship, Vision, and Sex/Intimacy Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, supporting clients to take leaps in creating the life and relationships they want.
Anders combines deep spiritual practices, a modern understanding of our brain, body, and spirit from neuroscience, and ancient Universal Law. Together these modalities form a powerful approach to what it means to be a human being and what capabilities we inherently have access to create for ourselves and others.
Originally from Denmark, Anders splits his time between Venice, California, and Copenhagen, Denmark, together with his wife, Victoria, and daughter Emma.

With embodied exercises and deep coaching, you can take an effortless first step towards the kind of life and relationship you want.

Anders Holten


A message for men

If you experience that you as a man are being asked to narrow yourself down to make room for women; it is a misunderstanding.


The world needs MORE of men. More of your truth, more of your presence, more of your potential, more of your attention, more of your love, more of your sexuality, more integrity to your needs.

The liberation of women is an invitation to you as a man to shave away all the old shit that has put women and ourselves in boxes for centuries. Away with macho, away with immature dominance, away with numbness, away with pleasing, away with the outdated role of the provider.


It is an invitation to go deeper with yourself. Look at your frustration, look at your anger, look at your lack of confidence, look at where you are holding back, look at where you may have violated boundaries.

Stand up for yourself. Say no. Ask for what you need. Feel your emotions. Feel your body. Be vulnerable with your honesty. Give everything you have. Do it with an open heart. Be ready to get hurt and learn from it.


The world needs stronger men who do not allow themselves to be cowed by a defeat but dare to stand by what he wants and at the same time acknowledge that he may never get it. Feel the pain and move on.


Women do not need men who bend in the dust. They need men who can lift them and himself up.

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