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a partnered intimacy practice

Experience a direct and powerful pathway to connection and deep body awareness

What is OM?

Stroking is a partner-based 15-minute meditative practice focusing on a single point of contact between the stroker's index finger and the strokee's clitoris. It's a goal-less practice designed to rid oneself of performance-focus and bringing feeling and awareness back to you body, intuition, and connection.

A well-defined form and container enables a safe space to let go and practice with a partner who has undergone the same training. The container is a set of step-by-step instructions on how to set up the practice space, safe-port your partner, and use of stroking techniques, and allows both partners to explore the space-between in a safe and comfortable way.


The training

The beginning philosophy behind OM

• A new definition of Orgasm — the difference between Climax and Orgasm

• Exploration of OM principles: Attention, Simplicity & Desire and how they relate to your OM practice

• The benefits of an OM practice

• Introduction to the 1 o’clock spot

• Basic stroking technique

• Includes complimentary membership for the Stroking Community in Copenhagen and Denmark

• Two Guided OMS


Training is available for individuals and for couples of any gender and will give you the right foundation to begin building your stroking practice. Whether you’re learning OM for the first time or brushing up your skills, the training is a great way to begin.

Next step

Schedule a connection call with Anders Holten

If you're curious about the stroking practice let's start with a connection call to get clear on desires and getting to know each other.

The connection call is free and takes about 10-15 minutes.

About Anders Holten

Anders studied OM and the feminine orgasm at OneTaste Inc. from 2016 to 2018 through the Coaching Program and several other courses offered by the company.
Anders was part of the leadership of TurnOn Copenhagen, a Danish branch of OneTaste, until its closure in 2017.

As a certified OM Trainer & Coach, Anders immersed himself in the practice, trained people worldwide, facilitated talks and trainings, and practiced 1000+ OM's. 

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