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Embodied & Experiential


If you experience that you as a man are being asked to narrow yourself down to make room for women; it is a misunderstanding.


The world needs MORE of men. More of your truth, more of your presence, more of your potential, more of your attention, more of your love, more of your sexuality, more integrity to your needs.

The liberation of women is an invitation to you as a man to shave away all the old shit that has put women and ourselves in boxes for centuries. Away with macho, away with immature dominance, away with numbness, away with pleasing, away with the outdated role of the provider.


It is an invitation to go deeper with yourself. Look at your frustration, look at your anger, look at your lack of confidence, look at where you are holding back, look at where you may have violated boundaries.

Stand up for yourself. Say no. Ask for what you need. Feel your emotions. Feel your body. Be vulnerable with your honesty. Give everything you have. Do it with an open heart. Be ready to get hurt and learn from it.


The world needs stronger men who do not allow themselves to be cowed by a defeat but dare to stand by what he wants and at the same time acknowledge that he may never get it. Feel the pain and move on.


Women do not need men who bend in the dust. They need men who can lift them and himself up.

Meet Anders

Meet Anders

Dad, Coach, Seeker

Through embodied exercises and deep coaching, taking the first steps towards the kind of life and relationship you want to create, can become effortless.

Upcoming events

The Art of Connection - March 2023
Mar 24, 6:00 PM
Zoku Copenhagen
A Communication & Dating Workshop. Fun, relaxed, and conscious dating event.
Discovery session

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discovery session

A discovery session is a coaching deep-dive into you, what you want to work on, and what it's like to work together.​

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Men's Circles are facilitated group events for men interested in learning and contributing to the personal growth of themselves and other men.

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Private Coaching

A custom-made experience for anyone committed to going the distance.



“Anders, thank you! With your assistance, I was able to identify, and move to the side, the invisible obstacles that were preventing me from feelings of confidence and emotional health. It was with your guidance that I rediscovered the confidence that was there all along. It was a pleasure to work with you. You heard me and you made a difference.”

Craig F.

Retired Pharmacist

Vermont, USA


“I highly recommend Anders Holten. He had the perfect approach for me through his combination of the work with the spiritual / to surrender to the forces of the universe and the larger purpose, to follow the intuition, to lean into the spot and to unravel old patterns and thus able to lay down and execute powerful, concrete action plans. I fly high every time he has coached me.”

Christina F.


Copenhagen, Denmark


“When we first started working together I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with myself or my life in general. I felt as if I lacked direction and purpose. I kept looking for something new or different in my life. Also, I was looking for a meaningful relationship. As we continued to work together, I found that exact relationship that I was looking for. I also learned that being satisfied with what is in my life is enough. I know that when the time is right for me to find something new, I will do that. I am very satisfied with where I am in my life and I appreciate all of your help. Thanks!!”

Joe T.
Poker Player

Las Vegas, USA


"I have enjoyed participating in Anders's men's group evenings as well as a workshop where Anders was the facilitator, with topics/themes for personal development. Anders is good at communicating the various topics/themes we work with and with exercises that are relevant to us getting new insights.
The workshop I attended gave me self-insights, being better to feel myself, and keeping a balance/control in my being. Anders has commitment and energy to mentoring a group of men."

Henrik L.

Graphics Designer

Copenhagen, Denmark


"Anders is an inspiration. His kind and generous guidance and reflection have been instrumental in helping me feel empowered and clear through some of the most challenging times over the past year. I've known him for many years and am so in awe of his personal journey and the dedication with which he approaches his growth as a person and as a coach/leader. He is utterly committed to being his most fully realized self, and that is what makes him uniquely suited to being a guide for others to do the same. By example, and by his belief in the highest version of me, he reminds me of what’s possible."

Summer E.


Los Angeles, USA


"I had a great experience at the workshop. Anders is a skilled and present facilitator. He is very empathetic and an excellent listener. Among other things, we did an exercise that connected me with some healthy and strong emotions that I can use in my life."

Kristian J.
Copy Writer

Copenhagen, Denmark


"I'm super grateful for you helping me get through everything in the last couple of years. 
I think without us working together I'd be a completely different person and there's just so much that I can attribute to our work together and to where I am today.
I met someone that I really like and we've been seeing each other for two months, and it's just going so great and I'm really excited. 
Because I'm using all the tools I’ve learned and really getting in my body for sex and speaking up what I'm disconnected. 
There's just a deep, deep connection with this person and I just feel fantastic. It is just amazing. 
And you know, I can just attribute everything to you and I'm just very, very grateful."​

Kevin L.

Copy Writer

Long Beach, US

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