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The Men's Program

 Master yourself, your purpose, sex, and relationships with women. 

The world needs men who lead from a place of depth, compassion, and fierceness; in business and in personal life.

The Men's Program is a 10-week intensive course for the modern man, diving into the masculine aspects of relating, sexuality, and purpose.

Join an international group of men dedicated to growth.

Most men experience one or more of these struggles on a regular basis;

Losses erections

Ejaculates prematurely

How to talk to women and approach them

Lacking a sense of freedom

Feeling like a real man

Stand his ground and take care of his own needs

Confused by women and what they want

Feels of lack of direction in his life and purpose

Unsure if to commit fully to a relationship 

Wanting a deeper connection with a partner but doesn't know how to

Too much porn and masturbation

Being uncomfortable with emotions and how to deal with them

Speaking completely honest about what he is feeling

Loneliness, or fear of

Getting hard at will

Burdened by the need to (over-) perform in sex

Caught between being a nice guy or an asshole

Feeling overwhelmed by demands and obligations


Through embodiment and skill

Do you want to master,

How to get clarity on your purpose and create a vision for your life?

How to create attraction?

Clearly see the hidden traits of your identity that holds you back?

Core Modern Masculine Skills and Traits?

How to take leadership / conscious dominance?

Knowing what a woman want?

How to approach women?

Sexual Relevance?

Ejaculation control?

The connection between mind and body?

Understanding feelings and emotions, and how to deal with them?

Presence with others and yourself?

Topics may differ from the final curriculum as the program will evolve with the participants.

What you will get

An embodied and experiential workshop program into,

Real techniques and technologies

Throughout the journey, you will practice core skills that will help you address the above struggles, sharpen your masculine presence, and improves your relationship with yourself and others. 

Homework & Practice Assignments

Sharpen your purpose and focus, and get clarity on your direction.


You're joining a group of like-minded men around the world with whom you share a path to growth. You will learn from and support each other, dropping the often seen male competitiveness for real connection.

Q&A and 1-1 coaching

The will be time for Q&A on each call, as well as 1 private 30-minute coaching call with Anders. 

10 2-hour Calls Once a Week

With lectures, practices, Q&A, discussion, and sharing.


You will be assigned accountability groups and partners to ensure maximum support for your goals and the opportunity to support others with rigor and integrity. The group will gather once a week to  keep momentum in your journey and keeping you to the fire.

Graduates of this program will experience

Increased control of their bodies in sexual situations

Understanding his emotions and speak completely honest about what he is feeling

Understands the dynamics of the relationship between women and men and how to navigate for an increased sense of freedom and integrity

How to talk to women and approach them

The ability to create sexual attraction at will

Increased clarity and understanding of what is holding him back in life and relationships, and how to move forward

Being able to firmly stand his ground without losing connection to himself and those around him

Understanding of what women want and how to increase playfulness in relationship to women

Understands and owns his masculinity

Increased sense of connection to himself and others, and to his purpose

Increased sexual mastery

Increased clarity on life purpose

Understanding the sexual energetics between men and woman and how to navigate it

Program Details


#1 April 4, 2021

#2 April 11, 2021

#3 April 18, 2021

#4 April 25, 2021

#5 May 2, 2021

#6 May 9, 2021

#7 May 16, 2021

#8 May 23, 2021

#9 May 30, 2021

#10 June 6, 2021

Group calls will be at 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST on Sundays

Weekly Accountability Setting

Dates and times are set by the individual group.

Limited space of only 12 men

Access to a Private Group for Participants Only

A 30 Minute One-On-One Private Coaching Call with Anders

Scheduled after registration

All group calls are in English

Praise for Anders

"I'm super grateful for you helping me get through everything in the last couple of years. 
I think without us working together I'd be a completely different person and there's just so much that I can attribute to our work together and to where I am today.
I met someone that I really like and we've been seeing each other for two months, and it's just going so great and I'm really excited. 
Because I'm using all the tools I’ve learned and really getting in my body for sex and speaking up what I'm disconnected. 
There's just a deep, deep connection with this person and I just feel fantastic. It is just amazing. 
And you know, I can just attribute everything to you and I'm just very, very grateful."

- Kevin, Los Angeles

"I have enjoyed participating in Anders's men's group evenings as well as a workshop where Anders was the facilitator, with topics/themes for personal development. Anders is good at communicating the various topics/themes we work with and with exercises that are relevant to us getting new insights.
The workshop I attended gave me self-insights, being better to feel myself, and keeping a balance/control in my being. Anders has the commitment and energy to mentoring a group of men."

- Henrik, Copenhagen

"Anders I just want to thank you so much. I could go on for pages, but I trust you know how deeply my gratitude goes. Thank you for all, thank you for you and the self-work it takes to be able to be of service to others and your own family. Being an extension and student of your and Vic’s love and expansion is such a gift, and I cannot thank you enough for who you are to my man, my relationship, and our life. Thank you so much for yesterday, and again just thank you for all. 
🥂 to more growth and more love and an abundance of both.
Forever grateful to the cosmos for putting us all in each other’s paths."

- Taylor, Florida - girlfriend to participant

"Anders's course held many valuable life lessons and has helped me to be more honest to myself and in my relationships and I feel more empowered and free than ever. We went through many interesting exercises, and the forum always felt very sympathetic and liberating. Anders also takes every feeling and reflection seriously, and offers excellent feedback, from his own experience and his academic knowledge."

- Martin, Copenhagen

"I had a great experience at the workshop. Anders is a skilled and present facilitator. He is very empathetic and an excellent listener. Among other things, we did an exercise that connected me with some healthy and strong emotions that I can use in my life."

- Kristian, Copenhagen

"Anders is an inspiration. His kind and generous guidance and reflection have been instrumental in helping me feel empowered and clear through some of the most challenging times over the past year. I've known him for many years and am so in awe of his personal journey and the dedication with which he approaches his growth as a person and as a coach/leader. He is utterly committed to being his most fully realized self, and that is what makes him uniquely suited to being a guide for others to do the same. By example, and by his belief in the highest version of me, he reminds me of what’s possible."

- Summer, Los Angeles

Price & Registration

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Closed for enrollement

Payment plan available


Still not sure this is for you?

I offer a free 15 minute connection call for those who are curious or undecided about the Men's Program.

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